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Chris Howard's Journal

Chris Howard
External Services:
  • the0phrastus@livejournal.com
  • chrishoward.author@gmail.com
I blog at http://theophrast.us
More about Seaborn: http://www.saltwaterwitch.com

I'm Chris Howard.  I write science fiction, fantasy, both novels and short stories.  I finished my fifth novel in June, working on the next in a new series. My first novel Seaborn (Juno Books) came out July 2008.  My short stories have appeared in a bunch of places, mostly online zines, latest sale is "Lost Dogs and Fireplace Archeology" to Fantasy Magazine (June, 2010).  I won the Heinlein Centennial Short Fiction Contest in 2007 for my story "Hammers and Snails" (amateur division).   

I'm also an illustrator, working in ink, watercolors, and digital formats.  I have a pen and ink illustration in the last issue of Shimmer Magazine.  My weekly updated graphic novel / web comic Saltwater Witch keeps me busy.  I have art spread over several sites, but a good place to start is here. 

How to contact me:

email: chrishoward.author@gmail.com

I blog here: http://the0phrastus.typepad.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/p/Chris_Howard/605431666

Twitter: http://twitter.com/the0phrastus

I post art here: deviantArt | Flickr

For rights and book business stuff contact my agent,
Jack Byrne of Sternig and Byrne Literary Agency.