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HOLY ZEUS! Thanks, Jay. So're winning!

Should I make some smaller versions of the banners? I put these images together on my notebook computer, and the whole world appears smaller on a notebook. I just checked these out with my desktop machine with a much bigger monitor, and realized these images are HUGE! Also thinking of doing some without the barcode.


... and in answer to your question I would neither reduce the size nor remove the barcode.

The size IS big, yes, but not overly so and the barcode makes it stand out. Already had a couple of people ask what it was (they assumed it was simply a design element ... so from that point of view it may be wasted). If you do change it I would suggest taking the barcode away and widening the actual image in its place.

Oh yeah - another one :)

I am trying to stick to only places/sites taht I know will appreciate this thing rather than becoming annoying and hitting EVERY site or forum that I could.

GRIN - and for a limited time only my Twitter account has been taken over by Saltwater Witch ...

I did post about it on Facebook too but as my account is set to private there would be no way of proving that to whoever checked it.

This is awesome, Jay! It would be absolutely unfair to NOT give you a print at this point--so consider yourself in for a print! And there's only so much of the linkable Web to go around--give someone else a chance! ;)

Saw your last comment. No problem. Links work as well as the banner images, certainly if the site/service doesn't allow images.


Right - I will stop posting now and leave the remaining 27% of the 'net for everyone else ;o)

BTW - I was serious about the fact that I would have shilled this without the print, I really do like the comic. Need to order Seaborn, too, as I am pretty sure that I am going to love it.

I posted a banner on my LJ profile and linked on Facebook (private account there though):

I hope more people get turned on to your work!

Thanks so much!

Crazy, it's working...already see a traffic increase.

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